Friday, March 1, 2013

Probably the Last Properties that Middle-Income Individuals or Families Can Afford in Metro Cebu and Find Out Why

To those who are looking for the most affordable HOUSE & LOT and CONDOMINIUM package in Metro Cebu and who has the Net Disposable Income that falls under the Php 25,000 and below, feel free to browse all the properties below 1.5M that I have personally prepared. Most of you would definitely opt to reside in Cebu City or somewhere closer - in Mandaue City perhaps. You might notice that Cebu City and Mandaue City are not included in my list of house and lot package that are 1.5M and below. Unfortunately we can no longer find properties with this level of affordability in Cebu City, Talisay City and Mandaue City. If I wasn't mistaken, Cebu City had stopped producing 1.5M and below properties 5 years ago; and in Mandaue City, roughly 3 years ago. Talisay City had gotten out of this bracket range almost a couple of years ago. 

For the complete details of the table above, you may open the spreadsheet version here.

Metro Cebu is a bustling and growing cosmopolitan area. Compared to Metro Manila, everyone who wanted to have a home had no other choice but to reside in Laguna or Bulacan, and to travel for hours to get to work. They had to travel more or less 40 kilometers to Metro Manila. We're not yet talking about the extent of traffic in going there to add to the hassle of traveling. Where as in Cebu City, going to Liloan, perhaps the farthest we can be in the Metro, is just 20 kilometers away and traffic is not as bad as it is in Manila.

TODAY is always the BEST TIME TO INVEST. Do not wait until you can't afford anymore. Metro Cebu is getting more progressive. Progress has expanded to the outer towns especially in Mactan area. 

With The Mactan Newtown's promising influx of jobs and opportunities, developers will be very conservative in consummating their land. It is apparent in the upcoming condominium projects in Mactan by top developers in the country; namely Megaworld and Taft Properties. Newcomers in condominium development are also building condominiums in the area like Saekyung Realty and TyTans.

Another thing that future home buyers have to be concerned about is the implementation of the National Land Use Act. When this will be implemented, there will be a limited supply of land available for residential purposes. National Land Use Act will prevent the conversion of agricultural land to non-agricultural purposes; or any land not classified for their purpose.

If there was National Land Use Act decades ago, Laguna and Bulacan or the other outlying cities will not become the residential enclaves that they are today. I suppose, Liloan will be the bottleneck of residential settlement in Metro Cebu North, and Minglanilla in Metro Cebu South.  If not, Compostela and Danao in the North; and San Fernando and Carcar in the South must have enough lands classified for residential use that are allowable for dwelling purposes in the National Land Use Act. I doubt that there will be, unless land owners will start converting the classification of their lands now before National Land Use Act will take effect.

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