Friday, March 1, 2013

The Rising Demand of Condominiums in Mactan Cebu

The rising demand of condominiums in Mactan is indicative of the growing tourists and foreign population. This paved way for hybrid communities with house and lot; and condominium features. One example of that is Mactan Plains by Pacific Land Ventures. This plan was unforeseen until the rise of the new township in Mactan, The Mactan Newtown. The close proximity of Mactan Plains to Megaworld's Mactan Newtown was unmentioned in their initial marketing plan as a selling point. It was only recently that Pacific Land Ventures planned on putting up a condominium as opposed to their original site development plan.

For developers who are more conservative in land use, vertical residences or condominiums are the best option for them. Also, Mactan is under-supplied with residences that can be purchased by foreigners. Many of the foreign residents in Mactan have been renting for their entire stay. Many of them are also retirees that will be staying for the rest of their lives in the Philippines, so renting is not practical for foreigners who do not have a Filipino/Filipina spouse.

Amisa Resort Condominium in Mactan

What are the existing and ready-for-occupancy condominiums in Mactan? We only have a short list below.

Ready-for-Occupancy Condominiums in Mactan

Because of the growing economy of Mactan, the list of upcoming and pre-selling condominiums in Mactan is growing as well. Below are the lists.

Upcoming and Pre-Selling Condominiums in Mactan
These vertical residences will soon change the skyline and harbor of Mactan.

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