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Steps on How to Get Started in Your Real Estate and Home Investment

Most first time investors are clueless about how to get started in purchasing a home or property for a well-needed investment. They easily get drowned by just the mere idea of going through the initial processes in addition to them having to complete the list of requirements. 

Well, if you are like one of these first time investors, loosen up shall we? As long as you have found a very reliable Accredited Real Estate Salesperson or a broker, who can attend to your inquiries in a manner that works best for you, then everything else will be just as smooth and easy.

Steps on How to Get Started in Your Real Estate and Home Investment

Do you know what you want?

Some investors, may already have a property in mind; but some only have a budget, location and property specification. What I can just tell my clients, tell me what you need and let's find the best and unbiased options that we have within Cebu's wide real estate market. 

One of Cebu Homes and Lifestyle Living's mission is to help you lay out your options by our lists of houses, condominiums, townhouses and communities according to your needs, lifestyle preferences and budget.

If you already have a property in mind, or if we have broken down the list of properties that matches your needs, specification and budget; then we can now go ahead to the:

6 Main Steps Into Finally Getting Your Home and Real Estate Investment.

  1. Property Presentation - Relevant information about the property will be presented which includes property features, payment options, inventory, etc. More than one property can be presented depending on how many options, I, your accredited real estate salesperson has come up for you. To schedule an appointment for property presentation, please sign this form, or place your intention by call or text 0923-858-6890 / 0915-118-2605.
  2. Property Visit - To experience the place and vicinity; the look and feel; and any other information to appreciate, as well as gauge the property in terms of location, design, features and amenities. To book a property viewing, please sign this form.
  3. Reservation Application - The reservation application will be signed at the developer's office. The reservation application can be done right after the property visit; the following day or in your most convenient time. Reservation application comes with a reservation fee and initial requirements such as valid id's and/or proof of income.
  4. Marketing and Administrative Briefing - This is usually done at the same day just right after you have signed the reservation application. This includes the actual purchase process and necessary forms will be signed as well. This is also your time to raise final concerns and clarifications. 
  5. Submission of Requirements - After the briefing and acceptance of the duly filled forms, you are given usually 30 days (depending on the developer/property) to submit the necessary requirements. The property is held under your name. 
  6. Move-in/Turnover of Property -Inspection and acceptance in your part is necessary before a property will be ready for move-in. Some developer requires a move-in fee as specified during administrative briefing. (For Pag-ibig and Bank Financing, additional steps after Step 5 must be conducted) 

Steps on How to Get Started in Your Real Estate and Home Investment

  • Do you already have a property in mind? If yes, get on to Step 1.
  • Have you visited the property on your own but needs necessary information about the property? If yes, get on to Step 1.
  • Are you already knowledgeable about the property and have actually viewed it? If yes, you can head on to Step 3.

To get started in purchasing your home and property investment, feel free to contact me.

If you're still in Step 1, kindly sign this contact form.
If you're ready for Step 3, for property viewing, kindly sign this form.

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